Under this initiative we pick random parks and empty land in in district of Saharanpur, Haridwar and Rishikesh and do plantation in these areas. These activities include digging of land and adding organic fertilizer to make it fertile. We usually plant big plants which can sustain themselves against harsh environmental conditions. For starting few days we keep close watch on plants growth and essential water once these plants are ready to be grown by themselves then we pick some other area to do the same activity.

Few pics of crazygreen team doing plantations in different areas are:

IMG_3039 IMG_3056
IMG_3059 IMG_3071
IMG_3102 IMG_3170
IMG_3176 12194723_1072411926110105_3962496262981892102_o
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12038849_1053497301334901_1850680316254655779_o 11942125_1043829995634965_7096846864780528032_o
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