Yes Crazygreen that is what we call overselves, we are group of few volunteers whom are crazy for giving back to society. We are crazy for following:Crazygreen Road Sign

  1. Helping the unprivileged.
  2. Helping mother nature by planting some trees.
  3. Save water by cleaning the natural resources of water.
  4. Educate each one of us to take care of few things in our life to help mother nature.
  5. Educate underprivileged women some stitching and beauty parlor tricks.
  6. Help blind kids who can be cured by making arrangements for proper treatment of their eyes.
  7. Help people who are suffering with some curable prolonged ailments with making arrangements of their treatment.
  8. Educating uneducated man and women so that they can read and understand very basic things like money calculations, reading bus plates etc.